The Royal Assent

Roles of the Royal Palace
  • The Bill that has been passed by both the National Assembly and the Senate is forwarded to the Law Office together with amendments, if any, for incorporation
  • The Law Office produces six copies of the Bill, binds and seals them with the National Seal which is kept under lock by the Attorney Genera
  • The copies are then forwarded to the National Assembly
  • The Speaker requests an audience with the King and presents the copies to the King for Royal Assent
  • When the Royal Assent is given, the Bill becomes an “Act of Parliament” – a law of Lesotho
  • The National Assembly forwards the Act to the Law Office to be printed by the Government Printer as a gazette
  • The public may now buy the gazette and know what law has been passed by its Parliament
  • No law made by Parliament comes into operation until it has been published in the gazette